Parasexual 4 Is Out Now!!!


Parasexual 4 is finally here!

Although I feel like I managed to write this one in a much more reasonable amount of time.

You can buy it as an eBook for 3.99$, or read it in the Kindle Unlimited, right here!

Or you can purchase it as a paperback for 9.99$ right here!

And if you want to see the sexy succubus on the cover, (that’s Lapis), totally naked, you can do so (if you are a 5$/month patron) right here!

All in all, I’m okay with how Parasexual 4 turned out. I have to admit, it was a little weird to write, because it’s a bit more emotional than I’m used to. Plus, I’m still really uncertain when it comes to a story that doesn’t revolve around struggling to survive against the elements and/or fighting monsters or assholes with guns. So hopefully it turned out well. This was kind of a ‘turning point’ story, and also kind of a perfect storm, where a bunch of shit sort of had to happen at once. I try to pace it out, but sometimes the story just dictates it.

Anyway, Parasexual 5 will begin soon. I’ve got a rough idea of how I want to do it, I just need to take a week or so to plan it, then I’ll dive right in.

Official Synopsis:

Alex's life has changed forever.

After being driven off a highway in the middle of a thunderstorm, getting his leg broken in the ensuing crash, and witnessing two of the most important people in his life nearly murdered by a crazed, jealous vampire, it feels as though Alex's life has shattered into pieces. Now he is in recovery, physically, emotionally, mentally. Everything feels in a state of flux, and it's like he's still in shock, even a week later.

After learning that the magical treatment he received for his broken leg has worked, Alex makes a snap decision and asks Brianna to take him to an isolated location to rest and recover. She chooses a small, seaside town an hour away, and Aurora and, surprisingly, Lapis, his online friend who he has been trying to connect with since coming to Thorne, go with him. As they make their way there, Alex knows that he needs to answer some questions.

Where will he take his life now? How serious are his relationships with Aurora and Lapis? What does he want to do with his life, his ambitions to be a musician? As the dust begins to settle, and he starts to map out the new shape his life has taken in the wake of his attempted murder, he will have to answer these questions and more...

PARASEXUAL 4 contains several scenes of emotional, highly sexual encounters between one twenty-something human and a werewolf, a vampire, and a succubus, and a few others.

Haven 2 Is Here!


Haven 2 is, at long last, out!

You can purchase it for 4.99$, or read it through the Kindle Unlimited, as an eBook right here!

You can purchase it as a paperback for 9.99$ right here!

If you want to see Cait naked, you can over on Patreon right here!

Here is the official synopsis:

After a midnight assault left their makeshift home in shambles and they themselves shaken, David, Evelyn, and April have decided that the time has come to find a new home. Somewhere safer. Somewhere like the abandoned campgrounds they recently discovered while exploring the nearby wilderness.

As the trio begins the process of not only attempting to establish their new life together in the wake of the fire that destroyed their previous home, but also establish their new three-way, budding relationship, it doesn't take long to begin encountering problems on both fronts.

The area around them isn't empty. Zombies of all kinds roam the frozen forests, bandits with no morals and too much ammo on their hands shake down innocent civilians just trying to survive, and the omnipresent cold of winter is relentless. On top of that, they keep running into others also displaced by the fire, those who are struggling, and David is learning that he really can't just turn a blind eye to their suffering. It's hard enough to take care of himself and the others, let alone trying to help new people. And on the relationship side of things, Cait, the absurdly beautiful redhead he first hooked up with on his way into the region, has shown back up, and she is deeply interested in him. Normally he would react with nothing but joy to this, but it's a little more complicated when you have two girlfriends and you all have your own insecurities to worry about.

But honestly, is having to balance three attractive, sexually enthusiastic women who all want your attention really that much of a problem?

HAVEN 2 contains several scenes of hot human-on-inhuman sex, as well as several scenes of violence.

You may think that Haven 2 was difficult, given that it took so long to come out. But honestly it wasn’t. Really, this should have been written in a month, maybe a month and a half max. It was my life that was difficult. At some point earlier in July, I took a look at the last time I had released something and freaked the fuck out. I’ve never once had that long of a gap since I began consistently writing in early 2015. I’m going to try and not let that happen again.

So, I imagine the big question is, when is Haven 3 coming out? Not until 2020. Early 2020, but not until next year. At least, that is my current plan. Unless Haven & Haven 2 blow up super massively, like more than Haven did (it’s now selling poorly, like everything else I write), I’m going to shift my focus to Parasexual. My plans for the rest of the year are to finish out Parasexual, which means three more novels, and get all this editing backlog out of the way, as well as get as many new covers made as I can, so I can go into 2020 more focused. (Though it’s going to take nearly a year to get all the covers remade.) So basically, as soon as Parasexual 6 is published, I’ll start working on Haven 3. And who knows? I’ve been getting my shit together recently, so maybe I’ll be able to get them done before January.

This is why I don’t like making plans, because I’m bad at them.

So, anyway, I hope you really enjoy Haven 2.

Haven Is Here!


Oh wow, Haven is FINALLY here.

You can purchase it as an eBook on the Kindle for 4.99$, or read it through the Kindle Unlimited, right HERE!

You can also order it as a paperback for 9.99$ right HERE! (Coming Soon)

If you are a 5$/month patron over on my Patreon, you can get early access to an alternate nude version of the cover right HERE!

Now let’s talk about this a little bit, because it has a lot of history.

I had trouble from the inception of my Post Apocalyptic Universe. First, there were only human characters. But then I found a way around that and managed to introduce several inhuman species, which helped spice it up a lot. But as I wrote Sex & Survival, I found myself having a really difficult time coming up with story ideas. I figured my Post Apocalyptic Universe might be dead on arrival. My big problem was that it was just really hard to think of a way to make things interesting with just basic zombies as the primary threat. There’s only so much you can do with that if you’re the kind of writer I am.

Despite this, I thought that I had at least one more idea for a series in me, which actually manifested as the original version of my Post Apocalyptic Universe, before I added in the inhumans. It was called Homestead and the basic idea was going to be basically what Haven is now: a small group of people build a home in a post-apocalyptic setting. It appealed to me a lot, apparently, since I held the torch for it this long.

I put that idea on the back burner after Sex & Survival, as I wanted to develop my other Universes. And that was like 2016. It sat and stewed for awhile. The next big thing to happen was I wrote The Pale Redhead, my free post-apocalyptic short. It was a simple idea, but the idea appealed to me so much that I considered expanding it into a whole novel at one point. (I still might.) That created a stronger image in my head and it’s why Haven is set during the winter. I’ve always liked the idea of writing about winter survival. (As evidenced by my A Warm Place series under my Crystal Candy name.)

Then, at some point, (I can’t remember exactly when, but I want to say late 2017 or early 2018), I had a breakthrough. Add more enemies. For whatever reason, that just kind of unlocked a lot. So I came up with the idea to have the zombie virus which had initially created the inhuman species now jump to the inhumans, thus creating not only more enemies, but far deadlier enemies.

All of this coalesced and Haven was born.

I think Haven could go on for quite awhile. I don’t think it will be my longest series, but…well, it could be. I don’t know. As it stands right now, I have a rough idea of where the series is going to end and how it’s going to get there. The pieces are all gathered, and now it’s a matter of actually assembling them. So it will be fun to see what comes of it.

I really hope you all enjoy Haven!

Official synopsis:

When a medical marvel meant to change the very essence of humanity as a whole was unveiled, it did indeed change everything, but not in a way anyone was anticipating. A virus raged wildly out of control, consuming the whole world, turning half of humanity into mindless zombies, and half of the survivors into a variety of new species known now as the inhumans. In the decades that passed, society slowly began to rebuild and reform around these new realities.

Up until very recently, life on Earth could almost appear normal, if you weren't in a particularly dangerous area. Unfortunately, that all changed when the virus, which had previously only affected humans, suddenly mutated and made the jump to inhumans. Now, the world is ripping itself apart again as an army of new, incredibly lethal variants of the undead roam the countryside, killing everything in their path. And now, the first winter since this latest development is falling across the land.

David was born in the decades after society collapsed, so he was well-suited to a life of having to travel often, scavenge for supplies, and fight the living dead (and sometimes the living). Over the past year, his outlook has slowly grown dimmer, and after the village he decides to spend the winter at falls, leaving him and just a few friends alone and outnumbered in the frozen wilderness, he has no idea how they're going to survive...

HAVEN contains several scenes of hot human-on-inhuman sex, as well as several scenes of violence.

Demoness: Farewell For Now Released!


Okay, Demoness: Farewell For Now is out!

You can read it right now on the Kindle for 2.99$, or on the Kindle Unlimited, right HERE!

Normally I’d release a nude version of the cover on Patreon, but this version is just the same from the previous cover of The Former Princess, only it’s just Yelena instead of Yelena and Ellie. Which you can already see in the Naked Ladies section. Also, no paperback because this isn’t long enough to be a paperback.

Also, all posts I made of the individual shorts have been removed to comply with being in the Kindle Unlimited.

If you haven’t read it yet, this story takes place about a week after the end of Demoness IV. Basically, John and Yelena are going around and fucking all their friends goodbye. Or farewell for now, since goodbyes are sad, and also implies a lot of permanence. It then basically sets up for Demoness V. Which I’m still going to try and write this year!


Official synopsis:

A mini-series set in between DEMONESS IV & V!

After all of their wild adventures across the land, John and Yelena have decided that it's time to start a new chapter in their life. They are packing up their things and taking a ship across the ocean to see a new land. A land that will, hopefully, accept Yelena for what she is.

But before they go, they realize that they have made several friends since becoming a couple, and it would be rude to leave without saying goodbye. Or, if not goodbye, at least farewell for now. And, given the type of friends they tend to make, they are going to be extremely intimate farewells...

DEMONESS: FAREWELL FOR NOW contains a series of highly sexual encounters between a loving couple of a human man and a demoness, and several inhuman women, including a half-giantess and a clan of dryads.

Introducing Crystal Candy

So, I had a breakthrough near the beginning of the month, and it felt like a big one. As in, I broke through a mental dam, and a tsunami was released.

I’m going to start a second author pen name: Crystal Candy.

This was born of several different competing needs, and ideally will solve a few problems. It came in the shower, as cliched as that sounds. Like, just a bunch of different stuff coalesced in my head all at once, and it was like one of those cartoon light bulb moments.

It was a really exciting time.

So why am I doing this? Here are the reasons.

  • Probably the biggest reasons is that there are difficulties that I am facing behind the scenes with my writing career. I don’t want to get too much into it, but let’s just say that I’m impeded in a way that’s difficult to fix. I’m currently working on a more permanent solution, but this, if it works, would really help take some of the pressure off.

  • Money. February was brutal. Although March was definitely a good month, sales wise, April is again looking like it’s going to be brutal. I’d love to not give a shit about money, but honestly there are some things I feel kind of obligated to do, people to help in my life, not to mention paying my own bills, and every month that goes by where I’m not able to do some of those things, I feel guilty. This could help with that. Ideally a lot.

  • Ideas. I have a lot of ideas. I’ve talked about them a lot before, but there’s even more that come to me that I tend to reject or, at the very least, put away for the time being, hoping to be able to find some way of working them in somehow. When I began to understand the potential and parameters of this second pen name, it released a cascade of ideas. Within ten minutes, I had a dozen unique series ideas jotted down. These are ideas that can’t really fit into my current model for Misty Vixen for one reason or another, but, free and independent of that, could work out well, I think.

  • Freedom. One of the coolest aspects of how I’m going to handle this is that I’d be doing this 100% on my own. No one would be helping me at all. There was a brief window of time in 2017 where this was true. Where I was doing literally everything myself, and then I shifted back to relying on other people. And don’t get me wrong, I love being able to work with other people and am extremely grateful for the help they give me. It’s just that the freedom of being 100% in control of something is almost intoxicating.

  • Cover art. Interestingly, probably the most minor reason being that I’ve been thinking for awhile now that I wish I could still somehow use my original cover art style. For any newcomers, all my covers used to have pink women silhouettes against a simple background, like stars if it was sci-fi, or a mountainous or forest landscape for fantasy, etc. I mean, it was basic, sure, but I actually worked hard to come up with that. It had to do several things: like be recognizable, convey what the genre was at a glance, be easy to mass produce, help build a brand, all that. So I figured it’d be perfect for this.

So, what can you expect from Crystal Candy?

Well, a few things will be different from my standard fare.

  • In terms of quality and length, these stories will fall somewhere in between my older work (episodic shorts below 10,000 words), and my current works (60,000+ word novels). I don’t want to say these stories will necessarily be low effort, but they will be written at a brisker pace than my novels. I’ll be aiming for somewhere between 10,000 & 20,000 words per entry. However, there will be outliers. A few of my ideas will be on the lower end, more sex-heavy and less narrative-focused, and some of them will be the opposite.

  • Structurally, I’ll be releasing triple-packs slightly reminiscent of my original packaging, and closer to what I’ve got going on nowadays for my re-released older titles. It’ll be a little more basic, in that there will not be bonus exclusive content, it will be a simple convenience package. Honestly, I doubt many people will feel like buying it and it’s really just there for people to support me, given I earn a bit more if you buy the whole package instead of the individual episodes. (Roughly 6.15$ if you bought 3 titles at 2.99$ apiece, vs. 6.95$ if you bought a single title at 9.99$.) I also won’t be releasing paperback versions unless for some reason there’s a demand for it, because honestly almost no one buys paperbacks even now. On a good month, I might sell a dozen paperbacks. Which, I mean again, honestly, if there’s some people who REALLY want them, I’d put them out, but I really just don’t think people are interested.

  • As in the example above, price wise we’ll be looking at 2.99$ per title, 9.99$ per triple-pack.

  • Everything will be enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited.

  • Here’s probably the most important thing: Content. What will I be writing, and how will these stories differ? My primary focus will be harems, pretty much. That’s the big focus of this: harems. Given that this is closer to a marketing venture, I am making a somewhat more concerted effort to appeal more directly to that market. I’m making a few adjustments to the way I tell the stories and the way the characters interact. Don’t worry, I won’t be writing douche-bro alpha males or anything, but several people have advised me to have more decisive male leads, guys who take charge more and do more shit on their own. So that’s what I’m aiming for: more traditional harem protagonists. As for the plots themselves, well, that’s something else that’s going to be different. I mean, some will be pretty similar to the stuff I’m familiar with writing, but some will be really different.

Honestly, this is one of the reasons I’m so excited. I’ll be getting to write stuff without agonizing over it. More and more often, I’m finding myself getting caught up and stopped dead in my tracks because I’m afraid of screwing something up. Parasexual 3 took way too long to write because I kept worrying if I was going to fuck it all up. Same thing with Haven, a little. I actually wrote like a whole chapter before deleting everything and starting over. Now, that was the right move, as I’m a lot more happy with what I have now, but still, the point stands. With this, I feel a hell of a lot freer. I can take an idea and just fucking…GO! It’s liberating and exciting. One of the ideas I have is like a hardcore horror series that I’m really looking forward to, and I can finally dip my toe into a few genres without going like all-in. Like superhero stuff, or game-lit.

I honestly have no idea how this will turn out, but if it could even become a semi-stable secondary income stream, a nice outlet for my weirder ideas, and more content for fans, then that’d be pretty great.

I currently don’t have a release schedule yet. It’s more of me writing when I can alongside Haven. Basically, I’ll be putting out episodes as fast as I can in trilogies. When one is done, I’ll likely switch over to a second series, or if I’m super into what I’m currently writing, I’ll just keep pressing with the current series. I would deeply appreciate it if anyone would be willing to help me spread the word about this. Word-of-mouth is still some of the most powerful marketing. If you’re part of any erotica, harem, or game-lit groups on Facebook, I’d seriously appreciate help getting the word out. (Facebook wouldn’t let me join. I’m not joking.)

Right now, I’ve got one title out, with the sequel coming out very soon.


You can get it right now, right here, for 2.99$, or for free if you’ve got the Kindle Unlimited.

I’m also working on three other series right now. The first, and most primary, is a GameLit Sci-Fi story, it’s mostly action with a bit of horror. It’s called Planet of the Bugs. I have to admit, I’m afraid of this one, because it’s so totally different from anything else I’ve written. I’ve never even tried writing a story where someone is inside of a video game and that’s part of the story and acknowledged. I’m also writing something called Hot For Teacher, which is, you guessed it! About a dude fucking his former teachers, cause that’s awesome. That one will definitely be shorter and more fuck-focused. I also started writing When the Monsters Came, which is NOT a story about monsters jizzing all over hot chicks, believe it or not. That was just the best name I could come up with. It’s a dark horror about a guy and a few hot chicks trying to escape a city that suddenly becomes overrun with crazy ass monsters.

I’ve got a few other ideas I’ll probably start writing too, since I’m too excited about them.

So yeah, I hope you enjoy the new stuff, and I’m still getting regular work done on Haven. I’ve actually made good progress. And right now, I’m thinking that with this new schedule, I’ll be tackling one Misty Vixen book at a time. And also, that was something I wanted to touch on. If this stuff with Crystal Candy works out, and it takes the financial pressure off, it would actually be really good for Misty Vixen, because then I could write whatever the hell I wanted. So I could hop back onto Demoness V, which would be awesome.

Again, it’d be extremely appreciated if you could help spread the word around.

Parasexual 3 Released!


Parasexual 3 is finally out, but things are slightly different this time around.

You can read it through the Kindle Unlimited or purchase it as a Kindle eBook for 3.99$ HERE!

You can purchase it as a paperback for 9.99$ HERE! (This will come later.)

If you're a 5$/month patron or higher, you can see an alternate nude version of this cover right HERE! (Her tits are fucking AWESOME.)

So what’s different is that I am releasing it before it’s fully edited. The reason I’m doing this is because A) I’m having some kind of medical problem that’s giving me persistent dizziness/light-headedness and headaches, and B) There admittedly won’t be much difference between the version I’m releasing now, and a fully edited version. I do apologize for doing this, as I’ve never done it before as far as I can remember, but the editing is going far too slow for my liking and I’m getting a little desperate to put something out. If I thought there was going to be a massive dip in quality by doing this, I wouldn’t be doing it, but as I said, there won’t be much difference. I’ll just catch a few minor errors and maybe rewrite a sentence or two.

As of right now, I’m about 2/3 finished with the editing, and I want to be clear that I intend to finish editing. Once it’s done, I will put the edited version up as a replacement, and you can pretty easily download that new version to replace the current one if you’ve already bought it. But honestly, I don’t think hardly anyone will notice.

So anyway, Parasexual 3! Despite my present condition, I’m fairly happy with how this one came out. It’s the longest Parasexual yet, about as long as Demoness II. Although I very much doubt that Parasexual will mimic the trend of longer and longer titles any further than this. I’m actually pretty sure Demoness won’t keep that trend going either, as I find it hard to imagine Demoness V will be longer than Demoness IV.

Here’s the official synopsis:

After enjoying his first few days in the coastal metropolis known as Thorne, where humans and paranormals live side by side, Alex has decided to extend his vacation when his girlfriend's best friend Aurora offers to let them crash at her place. As he continues to have wild sexual experiences with insanely attractive paranormal women the likes of which he never dreamed possible, Alex feels that his life couldn't get any better.

And then Emma, the pregnant married witch he hooked up with not all that long ago, shows up out of the blue. After having a large fight with her husband about the nature of their open marriage, she has decided to step away from him and her over-protected, married life for a few days and just enjoy herself. And that mainly means hooking up with Alex, who she has grown extremely fond of. As he and Emma begin an impassioned tryst that leads to him meeting additional beautiful paranormal women happy to hop in bed with him, he can't help but feel something dangerous now looms over his life. And when hired men start following him and insisting that Emma come back home, he realizes that his fears may be very well justified...

Demoness IV Has Been Released!


Demoness IV is finally here!

You can purchase it as an eBook for 4.99$ on Amazon right HERE!

You can purchase it as a paperback for 9.99$ right HERE!

If you're a 5$/month patron or higher, you can see an alternate nude version of this cover right HERE!

Sorry it took me so long to get it out! I had several things working against me: being busy with other projects, winter depression, and Amazon fucking with me. (Still happening presently. It’s actually getting worse right now.) But also, it’s the longest single title I’ve ever written! After editing, it stands at about 103,000 words! Holy fuck. I had a lot of fun with this one, and it’s a bit different than the others. But that’s kind of what I like about the Demoness series. Since the main focus is John and Yelena’s relationship, they’re all kind of different than each other. Or maybe I’m just too close to it and they’re all really same-y. Either way, I just hope you have fun reading it.

Here’s the official synopsis:

A fantasy romance novel.

After barely managing to survive an onslaught of relentless demon assassins, fleeing across the country, and finally putting an end to the latest threat to their new life together, John and Yelena found themselves in the presence of a dragoness. After she agreed to help them by teaching Yelena to shape-shift so that she can more easily blend into society and hide her true, demonic nature, the pair settled in for the long haul.

Now, six months have passed. Winter has come and gone. Spring is finally coming to the land north of the Frost Mountains. As John and Yelena prepare to get back to their lives and hit the road in search of fun and adventure once again, they happen to run into Fiona, a beautiful and incredibly ambitious adventuress. After their mutual dragoness friend vouches for her, Fiona pitches her grand plan to the couple.

She wants to stabilize the frozen wastelands north of the mountains by rebuilding an abandoned mining town, thereby breathing new life into the local economy and infrastructure. Since it seems like a good goal and sounds like a great challenge to test themselves against, John and Yelena agree. And the pair of them get launched on a brand new adventure that will pit them against some of their deadliest challenges yet, and put them on a path to meet some of the most exotic and interesting badass adventuresses in the far north...

DEMONESS IV contains adult situations, sex scenes, an interracial and open relationship, and a lot of hot human-on-inhuman action. You have been warned.

Demoness: The Former Princess is out now!


Demoness: The Former Princess is now out on the Kindle!

You can buy for 0.99$ or read it through the Kindle Unlimited right HERE!

Also, you can see the nude version of this cover, (and it’s one of the best ones I’ve seen so far), right HERE!

This story takes place about a month after the end of Demoness III and features Ellie Lennox, one of the main characters from Royal Lust. I hope you enjoy it!

Here’s the official synopsis:

A short story set in between DEMONESS III & IV!

It's been close to a month since John and Yelena settled into Kesley the Dragoness's home high atop a mountain in the frozen northern reaches of the land. While Yelena's magical training has been going well, Kesley makes a quick suggestion that the pair get out and have one last adventure before winter settles in for good. Because when the snow starts falling in the far north, it doesn't tend to stop for months.

And so the pair head out to investigate an old far elf ruin, said to contain a lethal danger, and in doing so run into a beautiful, badass six foot six blonde babe who is down for a quick adventure, and something more...

DEMONESS: THE FORMER PRINCESS contains a loving and highly sexual relationship between a human man and a demoness, and several scenes of violence and sex. You have been warned.

Parasexual 2 released!

Parasexual 2.png

Parasexual 2 is finally here!

You can read it through the Kindle Unlimited or purchase it as a Kindle eBook for 2.99$ HERE!

You can also grab it as a paperback for 9.99$ HERE!

Also, if you're a 5$/month patron over at my Patreon, you can see a completely nude version of that stunningly sexy vampire on the cover right HERE!

Sorry it took so long to get this one out! I was actually ready to publish a month ago, but a number of things went wrong behind the scenes. Nonetheless, it’s here! I hope it was worth the wait. I’ve already begun production on Parasexual 3.

Here is the official synopsis:

An erotic paranormal harem novel featuring some seriously hot inhuman ladies!

Almost a week ago, Alex was having possibly the worst day of his life. In nine hours, he managed to lose his job, his roommate moved out of their apartment without telling him, and there wasn't enough in his bank account to make next month's rent on his own. And then his best friend, Brianna, who happened to be an extremely attractive werewolf, decided to try and make him feel better by sleeping with him. This kicks off not only an open relationship, but a sex-fueled road trip to the coastal metropolis of Thorne.

Now, Alex and Brianna have arrived in the huge city where humans and paranormals mix. In Thorne you can find a strip club with vampire strippers, a brothel that hosts hot werewolves, or a massage parlor where succubi give very happy endings. You can find almost anything in Thorne. As Alex truly begins to explore what it's like to date a crazy hot werewolf over twice his age, Brianna is more than thrilled to start introducing him to all her sensual and lusty paranormal lady friends, who all seem to want a piece of him...

PARASEXUAL 2 contains a great deal of human-on-paranormal sex scenes, featuring werewolves, vampires, witches, and a succubus. You have been warned.

Rough Stuff (A Free Short)

This short is another prequel to Royal Lust. Although it's a prequel, it won't have as much impact or make as much sense if you haven't read that story. Also, it takes place after A New Experience.

Basically, Lena discovers that she might be really into a specific kind of sex, and asks Ellie if she'll indulge her.

Lena had been acting weird all night.

Otherwise, Ellie had been having a good time. She'd just gotten back from another journey into the countryside. She'd been poking through a cache of old maps she'd found in one of the storage rooms in the basement of the castle and one of them had a big X on it over a system of caves about five miles from the township of Lennox. Curiosity had gotten the better of her and she'd gathered up her adventure pack, argued with her father for half an hour, and then had made the trek. Ultimately, it had been a bust.

She'd run into a few highwaymen taking shelter in the caves, more than likely using it as a temporary base camp. Of course, they'd picked a fight with her and she'd had to kill them. After pilfering their belongings, (apparently they weren't very good at what they did, since they didn't have much on them,) she'd explored the cave system and ultimately came upon a hole in the ground with an open chest in it.

Judging by the shape of the chest and the hole itself, it was obvious that it had been awhile, possibly years, since it had been dug up. So it was a bust, but it was fun. She'd made it back to the castle by nightfall and, after enjoying a long soak in the tub, had gone to sleep for the night. The next morning, Lena had shown up, wanting to hang out, looking absolutely stunning, her crimson hair radiant in the sunlight, her face done up in makeup. She was wearing a low cut dress that showed off a lot of her curvy body.

She'd wanted to go to the marketplace and tease boys. Something that Ellie indulged in from time to time. Honestly she just ended up sexually frustrated, cause there weren't any guys dumb enough to sleep with the local lord's daughter, surprisingly. No, she had to leave the township for that. She'd said as much to Lena, who agreed, for the most part. Not that Lena had a problem getting laid, or at least, not as much of a problem. Her parents were merely rich, not actual lords, so apparently the risk of fucking Lena was lowered enough to warrant actually doing it. Ever since they'd started sleeping together a few years ago, Ellie had begun to suspect that Lena only asked her to tease boys with her because she knew it sexually frustrated Ellie.

And that meant that Ellie would then be a lot more passionate with the sex that she and Lena would have later that night.

So maybe it wasn't all that bad.

That's what they'd spent the day doing. Well, not the whole day. They'd stopped at food stalls for breakfast, lunch, and finally dinner. In between, they walked around the marketplace and then the town and then briefly into some fields outside of the township, catching each other up on events, though really Ellie had done most of the talking. Throughout all of it, she noticed that Lena seemed distracted. She also seemed a lot more...touchy-feely. Not that Ellie minded, but they had to keep up appearances. Unfortunately, it simply wouldn't do in their bullshit society for the two of them to be lovers. It was...'unseemly'.

Now, they were heading to Lena's house for the night. They'd swung by the castle to let her father know that they were spending the night there, since Ellie wanted to get away from the castle for a night. It was an excuse she'd told her father that was at least partially true. Honestly, she just wanted to be alone with Lena and to fuck her brains out. Neither had mentioned that Lena's parents were going to be gone for the night, so they could do whatever they wanted. And they were for sure going to do it right in her parent's bed, because Lena's just wasn't big enough for Ellie's six foot six frame. Right now, they were headed to her home.

“So, Lena, you seem like you've got something on your mind,” Ellie said as they turned onto another cobblestone road, now very close to her house.

“What?” she replied, seemingly startled out of a deep bout of thought.

“You're distracted,” Ellie said, grinning.

“I guess I am.”

“So what's up? What's on your mind? Cute boy asking after your hand in marriage again?” she asked.

“No, nothing like that. I just...well, let's talk about it when we get inside.”


They continued walking down the block. They'd come to the most upper-class neighborhood in Lennox. Kings of industry or rich idiots from minor houses lived here. It was positioned in the shadow of the castle, and Ellie imagined that was very intentional, to keep them from getting ideas above their station. They might have a lot of gold to throw down, but they would forever live in the lord's shadow. Ellie thought it was a lot of posturing and bullshit and didn't want anything to do with politics. She just wanted to live a free, happy life.

At some point, she knew her father was going to start seriously pressing the issue of her own marriage, but that was probably at least a few years off, maybe longer, so she did what she always did in response to it: she didn't think about it. She and Lena passed through the gate that led to her parent's house's front yard. It was a beautifully tended garden of blossoming roses and lilies and several other types of flowers.

The house, a two-story sprawl that loomed over them, was dark. Good, no one should be inside. Leaving Ellie and Lena to do whatever their hearts desired. They came in through the front door and locked it firmly behind them. Ellie raised her hand and released a candle-lighting spell. A small fireball flew from her palm, hesitated briefly in the center of the entry hall and then broke into a half a dozen smaller fireballs, each one seeking out a candle.

“I wish I could do that,” Lena murmured. “But I've always sucked at magic.”

“You might be able to with enough practice,” Ellie replied.

Lena once again seemed lost in thought, slowly making her way into the house. Ellie studied her as she trailed along behind her. She wasn't sure what it was, but Lena was looking particularly good today. Maybe it was just how messy she looked. Her pale cheeks were now flushed, her hair had been pulled into a rough ponytail and some of it had gotten loose. Her makeup was a little smeared from sweating and she had dirt on her arms and legs. Plus, that fucking dress she was wearing...she was pretty much hanging out of it.

They made their way along the hall and up the stairs, checking each of the rooms to make sure they were truly alone, and ended up in Lena's parent's room. There was a part of Ellie that felt guilty for fucking Lena in her parent's bed...then there was another part that loved the irony of it. Her parents were very conservative and would never accept that Lena was bisexual. The great irony of the situation was that they did not at all suspect that Lena was fucking Ellie. Quite the opposite, they loved having Ellie around.

She was sure they saw her as a way to get ahead in the world for Lena, and themselves.

So she didn't really mind banging their daughter in their own bed.

“So, what's on your mind?” Ellie asked.

Lena looked at her for a long moment, clearly trying to weigh her words. Ellie sighed softly. “You can just tell me, Lena. I'm not going to judge you or freak out or anything.”

“Yeah, I know. I'm just...nervous. I've got something I want to try in bed tonight and it's...we've never done it before.”

“What is it? I mean, there's some stuff I'm not into and I won't try, but I won't judge you for asking. And there's some stuff I'd probably be willing to give a shot.”

“Okay...well,” she hesitated, then sighed. “How about we wait til we're, you know, doing it?”

Ellie considered it. Clearly Lena was still nervous about it. She supposed asking for it in the heat of the moment had its drawbacks, but, well, whatever, she was willing to do a lot for Lena. She smiled. “Okay, we'll do it like that.”

“Thank you, Ellie.”

They began getting undressed. They were filthy and sweaty from the day of walking around in the hot sun, but that didn't deter them. The first sex of the night was always fast and frantic and passionate, a real hardcore fuck session, and then they would break out the wine and soak together in her parent's tub and then maybe start fooling around again and get to calmer lovemaking. Ellie took off her bra with a lot of relief, then pulled down her panties. It was always great to just get naked at the end of the day.

Lena was staring at her again. Ellie grinned, apparently everyone did that when she got her tits out. It was nice to be able to do that. Sometimes they were annoying, generally when she was trying to do physical stuff or fit through a tight opening, but other times they were great. Both guys and girls loved huge breasts.

“You ready?” Ellie asked, letting her voice turn sultry.

“Uh...y-yeah,” Lena replied.

Ellie laughed and climbed into bed with her. “Don't forget the toy,” she said.

“Oh shit! Yeah, I'll be right back.”

Ellie found her eyes drawn to Lena's thick, curvy, pale ass as she darted out of the room, now as naked as she was. Ellie flopped back onto her parent's huge bed. It was almost as comfortable as her own bed back in the castle. She laid there, wondering about what Lena wanted to try, until the lady herself returned holding the strap-on. They'd managed to get their hands on two of them. One had been smuggled into the castle and was tucked away, hidden in Ellie's room, the other had been slipped into Lena's own place of residence and was hidden under her bed. As soon as she got in, she made sure the windows were locked, the curtains were drawn, and then climbed into bed with Ellie. As soon as she was close enough, they began kissing.

Ellie always loved the way Lena felt and tasted.

She loved the fullness of her lips, the way she was so skilled at using her tongue, the feel of her soft, curvy body. Ellie ran her hands over Lena's voluptuous frame as they made out, twining tongues together, tasting each other. She took her large, firm breasts in hand and gave them a good grope, then reached back, down and around to her big ass. There was nothing not to love about Lena. Abruptly, Lena pulled away, her face flushed, her breath heavy.

“Okay,” she said, grabbing the strap-on and getting into it. “Let's get started.”

“Fine by me,” Ellie replied, spreading her legs. She loved getting fucked by Lena, she could really pound pussy.

As soon as Lena got the strap-on fitted over her thick thighs, she quickly crawled in between Ellie's long legs and laid down on top of her. Ellie let out a low, long moan as Lena penetrated her with the fake cock. An intense warmth began to spread from her pussy as the pleasure started. Lena began driving it into her, going slowly at first, then working up the speed and power. Ellie began panting and moaning.

“On, Lena! Lena, yes!” she cried.

Lena reached out and began groping Ellie's tits as she pounded her, filling her with sexual bliss. Then, she leaned down and began sucking on one of her tits.

“Oh fuck!” Ellie moaned as a fresh jolt of pleasure hit her.

She realized that all of the sexual tension she'd been feeling over the course of the day had really added up. What made her aware of this was the fact that hardly two minutes after Lena started fucking her, an orgasm began to explode out of her. She cried out as she was lit aflame from within and pure sexual bliss began to shoot through her body like lightning as she began to come. She tried not to be too loud as she came, feeling a spray of sex juices escaping her pussy around the fake dick that was still fucking it.

She panted and moaned her way through the climax until it had run out and she was simply left gasping for breath as her vision regained its focus.

“Holy shit,” she breathed. “That was one for the books.”

“Mmm...yeah, it was really nice,” Lena replied, grinning down at her. “My turn?”

“Your turn,” Ellie replied.

They quickly switched positions. Lena got out of the strap-on and passed it to Ellie, who readjusted it for her much bigger thighs and broader hips, then pulled it on. She had to temper herself when fucking Lena, at least a little bit. There was a bit over a foot in difference between the women, and Ellie was a lot stronger than Lena was, so she had to keep from going too hard on her best friend. Which was sometimes tough.

Once she got the strap-on situated, she got on top of Lena, who was on her back with her legs spread now, smiling up at her, eager for the fucking. Ellie began to slide the fake dick into her friend's very wet pussy. It slipped right in. Lena let out a loud moan as Ellie did this. Resting on her palms, she started out slow, sliding firmly in and out of Lena's pussy, watching intently as the looks of pleasure drifted across her wonderful, pale face. After a little bit, she started going harder, pushing Lena down into the mattress and banging the headboard against the wall.

“Oh, Ellie! Oh...oh-fuck yes!” she cried. “Oh it feels so fucking good in my pussy...fuck me Ellie, fuck me!” she moaned.

Ellie grinned, continuing to give her the fake dick over and over again.

Suddenly, after another couple of minutes of this, Lena looked directly up at Ellie and asked, “Will you slap me?”

All at once, everything clicked into place. This is what she had been mulling over nervously all night. Ellie felt some relief. She thought it might be something really weird. She was willing to go pretty far for Lena, she loved her, but there were just some things she wouldn't do, and didn't want to have to tell her no.

This was easy, Ellie had encounter girls and guys before who liked being hit during sex. It was actually kind of common.

Or maybe she just brought that out in people.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Yes, I'm sure.”

“All right.”

Ellie raised her hand and slapped Lena across the face. Not too hard, but definitely hard enough to make a noise and cause her to gasp.

“Again?” Ellie asked.

“Oh yes, again...” Lena moaned.

So she liked it. She really liked it.

Ellie raised her hand and slapped again, even harder this time and got a cry of pleasure out of her. Grinning, she slapped her three more times, going harder each time, until Lena's cheeks were red. Then, suddenly, she wrapped one hand around Lena's throat.

“Let me know if it's too much,” she said.

Lena nodded and Ellie could read a desperate need, a hunger, in her gaze. Ellie strengthened her grip around Lena's thin white neck. She didn't go too hard, because she didn't know exactly how much Lena would want, but as the seconds ticked by she began applying more pressure, squeezing off her airway while continuing to fuck her brains out. Ellie could read her body: Lena was on the verge of a world class orgasm.

Grinning, while continuing to choke and fuck her, Ellie raised her other hand and slapped her hard across the face twice.

That did it.

Ellie let go of her as Lena sucked in a huge lungful of air. Ellie barely managed to clap one hand over her mouth as she began shrieking in absolute, pure sexual abandon. She didn't want the neighbors to come rushing over, thinking she was getting murdered. As it was, she was still loud against Ellie's hand.

Lena was totally lost in her orgasm now, her eyes wholly unfocused, her whole body trembling and jerking violently as she came. Ellie watched her intently through the whole thing. It took about four times the length of her normal orgasms before she finally started coming back to herself. As she did, Ellie removed her hand and pulled out of her.

“You okay?” she asked.

“Uhgn,” Lena replied incoherently, gasping for breath.

Ellie laughed. “Take a moment to gather your thoughts.”

As Lena lay there getting her wind back, Ellie took off the strap-on and looked at the huge, dark stain around Lena's pussy. Yeah, she was definitely going to have to use a lot of magic to clean the bed. Though part of her was kind of tempted to just leave it.

“That was...oh wow...I can't even...” Lena said.

“Best orgasm ever?” Ellie asked.

“Holy fuck yes,” Lena replied with conviction.

“What made you ask for that?”

“ know I sometimes read my mom's dirty romance novels. I found a new one last week and it had slapping and choking in it, and it just really turned me on. Like...a lot. I couldn't stop thinking about it. And I didn't know who else to ask, who else to trust to do this, but I was worried you might think it was really weird.”

“It's actually pretty common,” Ellie replied. “I'd say one out of every three people I fuck either wants to hit me or be hit by me.”

“Wow...that's so awesome. Oh man, that's a big mess,” she said, looking down.

“Yep. Don't worry, I can clean it up like the other times. You ready for a bath?”

“Yeah, definitely. And, uh...can we maybe do that again?”

“Of course, Lena,” Ellie replied, laughing and giving her a kiss. “You know I love getting you off, and you clearly get off like crazy for this stuff.”

“Yeah. I'm so excited to start exploring this...I wonder if I'll ever find a guy I can trust enough to do that with.”

“I'm sure you will. Come on.”

They got out of bed and headed for the bathtub.

Demoness III is finally out!


Demoness III is finally here!

You can purchase it as an eBook for 4.99$ on Amazon right HERE!

You can also purchase it as an eBook for 4.99$ on Smashwords right HERE!

You can purchase it as a paperback for 9.99$ right HERE!

If you're a 5$/month patron or higher, you can see an alternate nude version of this cover right HERE! (Yeah, I'll say it: Yelena's fucking hot when she's pissed.)

So, a little bit about this novel. Demoness III takes place one month after the end of Demoness II. I'm sorry it took so long to write. I began this thing back in like May of this year and I had fully intended to finish it by late June, but then all the bullshit with Amazon happened and it just wrecked my ability to consistently write. Combine that with the fact that Demoness III is officially the longest thing I've ever written, and that made it take a lot longer. I honestly wasn't sure how long it was going to be, although I felt confident that it would be at least a little longer than Demoness II. I had a lot of ideas. It turned out to be a full 15,000 words longer! As a paperback, it's going to reach almost 300 pages! That's so cool! I've never written like a feature-length novel before. Demoness II came closer, but was still kind of on the shorter side. And it's not like Demoness III is long or anything, it's still short compared to a lot of books, but it's at least in the same ballpark now!

All that being said, I didn't try to stretch it out or anything. Actually, I cut several scenes to streamline the plot (and to move the production along a little faster, because I was going nuts not having this done and out). But anyway, I really hope you like it. There's a lot more romance in this one, again with a big emphasis on John and Yelena's relationship, the pair of them tackling, by far, the worst problem they have ever faced together, and making some new friends along the way. (Fans of Wanderlust will recognize a few characters! For a little tease: Lydia makes an appearance!)

As I said, I really hope you enjoy this one. It was a big labor of love. Demoness has become my favorite series, John and Yelena my favorite couple.

Oh! One more thing before the synopsis. If you missed it and you're interested, I released a free bonus short that takes place in between Demoness II & III, featuring yet another cameo from Wanderlust! It's called FUN IN THE FOREST.

Now, here is the official plot synopsis:

A Fantasy Romance Novel.

John, who was once a hunter living an unhappy life in a small village, has had his life changed forever when he met Yelena, the demoness. Although their first real interaction saw Yelena punching him in the face and holding a knife to his throat, they soon found themselves allies.

That alliance became lust, then lust became friendship, and friendship soon became absolute, head-over-heels love.

It has been a month since the couple tracked down an amulet meant to help mask Yelena's true nature from the world around her, a world that either flee or attack upon learning that she was a demoness. The pair have been building a life for themselves out in the Emerald Wild. They've made some friends (with benefits), made repairs to a pair of cabins they've decided to call home, and fallen even deeper in love with each other.

But all that changes one night when a demon scout tracks Yelena down, learns the truth about why she left her home realm, and reports this back to her ex-lover, who has since come into a position of power. Now, as they are being hunted by demon warriors intent on recapturing and 'reeducating' Yelena, the pair must find some way to rid themselves of this deadly new threat...

DEMONESS III contains adult situations, vivid sex scenes with multiple partners, a lot of casual interracial encounters, and a highly sexual and deeply romantic relationship between a man and a warrior demoness. You have been warned.

Parasexual Released!


Parasexual is out now!

You can purchase it as an eBook for 3.99$ right HERE.

You can purchase it as a paperback for 9.99$ right HERE.

Parasexual is a brand new novel and the first in a brand new series! It takes place in my Paranormal Erotica Universe and has an emphasis on sex. It can definitely be called an erotica, as sex doesn't entirely drive the story, but it is the primary focus of the novel and series. I really hope you like it!

Here is the official synopsis:

An erotic paranormal harem novel featuring some seriously hot inhuman ladies!

Alex lives in a world where humans coexist alongside paranormal entities. Vampires, werewolves, witches and elves and succubi. And more. Yet, as far as he's been able to tell, he's only ever really met and connected with a single paranormal during his entire boring life. Her name is Brianna, and she's an exceptionally attractive werewolf who seems to have a lot of money, lives by herself, and for some reason is very good friends with him.

But paranormals are the last thing on Alex's mind as, in the span of a day, it seems that his life has evaporated before his very eyes. After getting fired from his job, (the first and only time this has ever happened), he returns home to his small, miserable apartment and discovers that his roommate has, without warning, moved out, leaving him in the lurch with rent due very soon and a bank account already strained by bills and awful paychecks.

As he's trying to figure out how he'll handle this, Brianna ends up inviting him her house, and then into her bed. As the pair hook up for the first time, Brianna offers him the opportunity of a lifetime: stop worrying about his unhappy life and join her on a sex-fueled roadtrip to Thorne, an enormous coastal metropolis that serves as a huge paranormal hub...

CONTENT WARNING: This novel contains a lot of sexual interactions between a young, inexperienced man and several paranormal women, including a werewolf, some vampires, and an intense encounter with a seven foot Valkyrie. You have been warned.

Women of the Wild Released!


The first novel in the Women of the Wild series is here!

You can purchase it as an eBook for 3.99$ right HERE!

You can purchase it as a paperback for 9.99$ right HERE!

Here is the official synopsis:

A novel of fantasy adventure and human-on-dryad lust.

Seth Baker has fantasized for years about leaving his little village, getting out from beneath his parent's overbearing influence, and living his life for himself. And the day has finally come when fantasy can become reality. He's trained, he's prepared, he's scrounged together enough gold to buy the bare basics necessary to survive the dangerous world of monsters and magic that lies beyond the walls of his simple village. (At least he hopes so.)

But Seth isn't delusion about his chances of survival, or how hard it's going to be to live out there in the wilderness, traveling between towns and trying to make it with his chosen profession of a traveling herbalist, providing rare and unique potions. So he's decided to test himself: he will travel to the Redwood Forest, one of the largest woodlands in the land, and gather five unique plants in order to make a rare potion.

While he expected to run into dangerous situations, into difficulties and hardships, into monsters and giant spiders, Seth did not at all expect to run into a beautiful dryad woman named Rain, who takes an immediate and intimate interest in him...

CONTENT WARNING: This title contains adult situations, sex scenes, violence, and a lot of hot human on inhuman action. You have been warned.


Demoness II Release & Other Updates

First and foremost, Demoness II is finally freaking out!


You can purchase it as an eBook for 4.99$ HERE.

You can also purchase it as a paperback for 9.99$ HERE.

It feels good to finally get this book out! It's just over TWICE the length of the original Demoness. As for what it's about, well, here's the synopsis: 

John Greenfield's life has changed forever.

After finding a wounded, unconscious demoness while out hunting one morning, he saved her life and learned much about her. Her name is Yelena and she is from another realm of existence. As they got to know each other, something that first grew out of intense passion and lust has transformed into something more: a powerful and deepening love.

Now, both have decided to cast off their former lives in search of a life together. But this will be difficult. As a demoness, Yelena is hated and reviled without thought by most of the people who occupy the land, and John along with her as a demon-lover. If they're going to do this, they will need something special, unique, and very rare: an amulet that will hide Yelena's true nature from the local populace.

But in order to get this, they will have to travel into the Emerald Wild, the most dangerous forest in the land, in order to earn enough coin to purchase such an artifact. The time has come to explore the untamed wilderness and each other...

CONTENT WARNING: This title contains adult situations, sex scenes, an interracial and open relationship, and a lot of hot human on inhuman action. You have been warned.

So have at it!

Also, the paperback version of Demoness is out now! It's 7.99$. You can get it HERE.

Now, the time has come to get to updates. There are a LOT of them. I've covered some of this in previous updates, but not everything. Basically, a LOT is going on right now in terms of what I'm planning on doing with my writing and ideas keep coming to me and getting reorganized and that's why there's so many update blog posts. I'm trying to kind of keep it all organized in my head and for the fans.

So with that, here we go!

Now, because I kind of ramble a bit, I'm going to post a straightforward, bullet-point list here now. If you like having more information, keep reading below that.

  • I am updating almost ALL of my titles with new cover art that I designed and better formatting.
  • This is resulting and will result in free titles not being free for a little while.
  • I will be re-releasing Hellcats, Wanderlust, Alien Harem, and The Royal Trilogy (retitled Royal Lust) as novels. This will take some time, as I need to do some rewriting and brand new writing in some cases. These will be getting brand new covers featuring some hand-drawn art!
  • I also intend to, eventually, replace almost all of my cover art with covers featuring hand-drawn characters.
  • I'm going to try and get Amazon to push out an e-mail to allow people to get updated versions of some of my titles. (Demoness, My Undead Lover, Exploration, Misty Vixen Starter Pack.)
  • I'm going to update my website and my blogger, especially my blogger, as I figure I should probably keep it around for awhile longer.
  • Hellcats will be out April 11th!
  • I've decided to finally release Women of the Wild #1, since it's done and I'm just sitting on it. First chapter will be up on Patreon very soon and it is slated for release April 18th in eBook, Kindle Unlimited, and paperback!
  • Nude versions of Demoness II, Exploration, and Hellcats will be coming to Patreon soon, with more to follow in the future.
  • I will be turning Exploration and My Undead Lover into trilogies. These will be non-exclusive and will be available through Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc.
  • Starting sometime this month, I will begin posting PARASEXUAL, and once that first season is wrapped up, I'll begin writing HAVEN. And then bounce back and forth, releasing an episode roughly every four days.
  • A few round-up random things: I'm going to be taking down the Quickies in June, making Large & Lovely free, I'm going to be posting most of the stories in Quickies to the site as free shorts for the fans, and try to write a few new ones. I'm debating about whether or not to publish these for the fans shorts or just leave them on the site as basic freebies. I'm also going to try and find some time to start doing some fan fiction. It's either going to be Mass Effect or Dragon Age, based on the poll. Not sure yet.

Now for some expanded intel.

Right now, I'm in the process of updating almost all of my older titles with new cover art, all of which is designed by me, (for better or for worse...), new formatting, and updated back matter. (Basically just the links to my other books and social media in the back.) This is taking like...a long time. I'm trying to power through it. So that's what's happening right now.

Small Side Note: As a result of updating older titles, stories that are supposed to be free are kicked back to costing money. It should be a simple process of getting them back to being free.

Once that's wrapped up, my next big kind of background project will be converting Hellcats, Wanderlust, Alien Harem, and The Royal Trilogy (retitled to Royal Lust), into novels. Hellcats and Alien Harem will be trilogies, although they will end at the same place as they have before, there will be a fair amount of new content in both of these. The same can be said for Wanderlust, which will have four novels. Royal Lust will basically be the same, so if you don't feel like buying it, you won't be missing out on anything. As soon as all those are up, I'm going to take a break before moving on to future titles.

I'm in the process of getting some characters from the older works drawn (clothed for the covers and nude for fun extras!) to serve as cover art for the re-releases.

Some of my titles that I'm updating will, hopefully, be given the option to re-download updated versions of them. I have to ask Amazon to do this. Basically, if they say yes, they'll send out an e-mail to everyone who owns the book and you'll get the new version. New versions will include any edits I've made since initial publication, a brand new cover, updated formatting, and a table of contents! These titles will include: Exploration, My Undead Lover, The Misty Vixen Starter Pack, & Demoness.

I've decided to keep my blogspot around and I'm going to TRY to give it a makeover. I want drop-down menus! Unfortunately, they don't have a built-in way to do this, so I'll need to fuck around with HTML to try and make it work. We'll see how this comes out. But I'm also going to do a bit of reorganizing on this site here because I had a few new ideas.

Hellcats is ready to go. I'm going to release it April 11th as an eBook, in the Kindle Unlimited, and as paperback! The eBook will be 2.99$, the paperback 9.99$.

Some of you may know that I finished writing a novel last year. It is the first in a long-running series that's almost like a novel series re-imagining of Wanderlust. It's called Women of the Wild. It features a dryad as the main female lead. Since it's written, edited, and basically ready to go, I suddenly kind of realized that I need to stop worrying so much about releasing stuff in order. So I'm just going to release it! It's coming out on April 18th as an eBook for 3.99$, also available on the Kindle Unlimited, and as a paperback for 9.99$.

I'm finally going to be updating my Patreon with actual content! The first chapter of Women of the Wild will be coming very soon and nude versions of the covers of Demoness II, Hellcats, and Exploration will be coming soon! I'm hoping to make this more regular. The nude pics will then come out one month after they are released on Patreon.

I'm going to be writing sequels to Exploration and My Undead Lover, turning them into trilogies. They'll all be available on Smashwords, Barnes & Nobles, Kobo, etc. There will also be a Complete Trilogy collection with a bonus short.

While all this is going on, my primary focus will be producing two brand new episodic series. The first, PARASEXUAL, is set in the Paranormal Erotica universe. I'm aiming for it to be four seasons. The second, HAVEN, is set in the Post Apocalyptic Erotica universe, and will be three seasons.

Quickies are coming down in June. I'm going to be posting most of the stories in it here to the website as basic freebies. I'm still debating as to whether or not I will be publishing any what I call 'for the fans' to the Kindle or Smashwords or anywhere beyond the website for a few reasons: they have some required reading to be fully enjoyed since they feature already established characters and rely on already established lore, and I'm also not too sure how interested people actually are in reading them, and writing/editing/formatting free shorts does take time away from writing other more official stuff. The final reason is that, for some reason, writing these shorts is actually hard for some reason, and not in any kind of good way. For whatever reason, the shorter the form, the harder it seems to get. Despite all this, I will be trying to get some more for the fans free shorts out featuring other characters.

I'm also kicking around a few ideas for other free shorts that can serve as entry points into my shared universes. I got a potentially good one just recently that takes place on Desire, so who knows? Maybe other cool ideas will show up.

Going to try and start getting to work on an erotic fan fiction soon. It's going to be either Mass Effect or Dragon Age, based off of the poll, which had them tied. Not sure which one it will be yet, but I've got at least a rough idea of what I want the stories to be for both of them.

And the last thing I can think of is that at some point, whenever I get a new cover drawn for Large & Lovely, I'm going to make it free.

So...yeah. A shitload of stuff going on behind the scenes right now!

I wanted to thank everyone who reads and reviews and shares and comments, basically everyone who is a fan and helps in any way. I really appreciate it! You all are a big help.

Be on the lookout for more updates and releases!