A WARM PLACE is a series set in the late 2020’s, when Earth has been hit by another sudden ice age. The planet has become a frozen wasteland. Billions are dead and things look bad. Survivors huddle in the cities or live in small groups in isolated locations. Some travel by themselves, like Chris Weston.

Before the snow began to fall everywhere, Chris wasn’t anyone special. He worked a dead-end job, went camping sometimes, and wasn’t sure where his life was going. But in this strange new world of bitter cold and icebound horror, he finds himself oddly adept at survival.

It’s been two years since society collapsed. Although he’s been traveling alone for awhile now, that all changes when Chris runs into Lara and Susan, a pair of extremely attractive women who make him an exceptionally tempting offer. If he helps them out with staying alive, they’ll take very good care of him. With an offer like that, how could he refuse?

In August of 2025, nearly a year of freak weather occurrences culminated in an eight month, nonstop, worldwide snowfall.

That was three years ago. Now the world is a different place. Billions are dead, the planet is dying, and those that remain struggle desperately for survival in bleak winter wastelands all over the world.

Chris Weston is one of those survivors. Oddly suited to survival in this awful new world, he has been sticking it out, both among groups of other survivors and completely alone. That's how it's been for the past month or so: alone. But that changes when he meets a pair of extremely attractive women living by themselves, and discovers that they are willing to 'take care' of him if he's willing to help them out...

How's he supposed to turn down an offer like that?

Chris Weston, a survivor well-suited to the miserable, frozen hellscape that Earth has become in the late-2020's thanks to a new ice age, now finds himself in the company of two very attractive women. Lara and Susan, best friends for years, are happy to sleep with him, and he's happy to help provide for them and keep them safe in this dangerous new world.

So far, things are going well. As he settles into a small house in the middle of nowhere, he begins getting to know both ladies on a very intimate level. And then, things get even more interesting when he learns that Lara has been having an affair with an extremely attractive redheaded MILF who also happens to be married, and she wants Chris to join her in their hot, secret tryst...

After enduring the nightmarish frozen wasteland that Earth has become over the past few years, Chris is finding himself more and more grateful for the company of the two beautiful women he now lives with. And there's also a certain perverse satisfaction in the illicit relationship he's begun with a seductive redhead named Jessica, who is married to the leader of the only other group in the region.

But as things are continuing to settle into a warm, comfortable routine, something exceptionally appealing given the state of the world, Chris begins to wonder if maybe things could be better, and maybe Jessica might be happier if she left her husband and came to live with him and his two girlfriends...

This is the first three parts of A WARM PLACE - AN ICE AGE POST-APOCALYPTIC HAREM, collected.

There is NO NEW CONTENT. I want to be clear on that. This exists largely for mega-fans who want another way to support me.

What started as strange weather across the globe in the mid-2020s culminated in a new, apocalyptic ice age. From pole to pole, Earth is now a frozen hellish wasteland. Billions are dead and the outlook of survival is bleak.

Chris Weston, who wasn't really anybody before the apocalypse, finds himself oddly suited for staying alive in this grim reality. Two years after the collapse of civilization, he travels alone, carrying everything he owns on his back. That changes, however, when he runs into a pair of extremely attractive women living alone in the middle of nowhere in what once was the Midwest. When he learns they are willing to 'take care' of him in exchange for his help in staying alive, he decides to throw his lot in with theirs, and things get heated quickly...

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Things have been pretty easy for Chris since settling in with Susan and Lara. Occasionally something dangerous would happen, but for the most part, it's been smooth sailing.

That's all changed. Now, he has two more people to take care of. Jessica, the beautiful redhead he'd been having a secret affair with, has arrived on his doorstep. She's decided to leave her husband and come stay with Chris and the others. Now, he's going to have to step up his game and refocus his efforts if he's going to provide for them all.

Of course, this also means there's a lot more fun to be had now that he doesn't have to sneak off to meet Jessica, and she's available and extremely willing all the time now...